Danses retenues au Pot Commun du Sud Ouest


PCSO 2016
  Danse Chorégraphe Titre Interprète

Débutant line Country

  American kids Randy Pelletier American kids Kenny Chesney
  Can't go wrong Charley Beck The heart is right Ray Kennedy
  Fells like rock'n roll David Linger Feels like rock'n roll Bouke
  All about a woman Maggie Gallagher Don't ask me about a woman Easton Corbin
  Chew ba bacca Rob fowler Boys round here Blake Shelton
Débutant line non Country        
  Chillaxin Robbie Mc Gowan Chillaxin Craig Campbell
  Andalouse Fabien Regoli Andalouse Kenji
  Mamita Ira Weisburd Mamita Mia Miguel Moly
  Pedida Perfeita Danièle Percher-Ribeau Pedita Perfeita Flavel & Netto
  I believe Don Pascual I believe i'm falling Micke Muster
Débutant Celtic        
  Celtic rose Barbara Marot A new world Ronan Hardiman
Débutant Partner Country        
  Dream walkin Sally Blair Dream walkin Toby Keith
  Oughtta be blue M et J-M Villeneuve Oughtta be blue Major Dundee Band
  I lived G et M Bourguignon

I lived

One Republic
Novice Line Country        
  Compass Françoise Guillet Compass Lady Antebellum
  Rockin' with the rhytm Rob Fowler Rockin' with the rhytm of the rain The Judds
  Tag on David Villellas Too strog to break Beccy Cole
  Better times Pat Stott/Vikki Moris Better times a comin Derek Ryan
  M&D M Michu & D Tritsch Dancing in the moonlight Derek Ryan
Novice Line non Country        
  Do you love me ? Rob Fowler Do you love me ? The Contours
  Hot sexy mama Francien Sittrop Hot sexy mama Bouke
  Honey i'm good François Guillet Honey i'm good Andy Grammer
  Tell the world Robbie Mc Gowan Tell the world Eric Hutchinson
  Peligrosa Ria Vos Peligrosa Javier Rios
Novice Celtic        
  Celtic na la Syndie Berger Ni na la Orlla Fallon
Novice Partner Country        
  Dream lover Linda Sansoucy Dream lover Tanya Tucker
  Lips are so close C Martin/G Lemieux When your lips are so close Gord Banford
  So not my baby Agnès Gauthier So not my baby Josh Turner
Novice Partner non Country        
  500 reasons for you Stéphanie Massé 500 reasons Damien Leith
Intermédiaire Line Country        
  Hey O Darren Bailey Hey O Johnny Reid
  Where we've been Lana Harvey-Wilson Remember when Alan Jackson
  West party Adrianno Castagnolli Let's Talk About Love Jessie Farrell
  Back to the roots Joe Oçafrain Love me tonight Derek Ryan
  Trucking Maggie Gallagher Independant trucker Broock & Dunn
Intermédiaire Line non Country        
  We only live once Robbie Mc Gowan We only live once Shannon Noll
  Four five second Kate Sala Four five second The workout crew
  Fly high Maggie Gallagher Let me go Gary Barlow
  Uptown funk Rob Fowler Uptown funk M Ronson/B Mars
  Raffy David Lecaillon Blame Calvin Harris
Intermédiaire Celtic        
  A new world Stephan Lawson New world Ronan Hardiman
Intermédiaire Partner Country        
  One more last chance O Mateu/B Villard One more last chance Vince Gill
  Travelling Gypsy Dan Albro Lit bit gypsy Kellie Pickler
  Togethers Togethers When we're togethers Karen Jo Field
Avancé Line Country        
  Infinity David Villellas Fiddle Bomshel
  Chicago bonfire Debby McLaughlin Gasoline & matches LeAnne Rimes
  Countryfield soul D Bailey & R Fowler Countryfield soul Emerson Drive
  wouah wouah yeah yeah StrikeSh2'h If that ain't love Jaida Dreyer
  All alone Don Pascual I'll just leave it all alone Marty Mcintosh
Avancé Line non Country        
  Say Geronimo Ria Vos Geronimo Sheppard
  Shades of passion Rob Fowler Earned it The week-end
  Just fall Roy Verdonk Just fall Anthem Lights
  Party night F Murray/R Hadisubroto What a night Loveable Rogues
  Overnight Rob Fowler Overnight Zac Brown
Avancé Partner Country        
  Carolionel waltz Diane Jackson Love you every second C Landsborough


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